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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  January 6, 2016 1:35am-2:05am MST

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>> . extra caution tonight. after a du student was drugged weekend. >> >> the surrounding community as well. this allegedly happened nearby. but off cam campus and that's why a university employee forwarded us this safety alert. to students. to warn other people that victims. using drugs. >> a report a student was raped. and the crime involved a date rape drug. >> it's terrifying. >> the surrounding community
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>> . the university wouldn't comment. the denver police department is actively investigating. but according to to the alert. the alleged rape happened off campus. nearby. saturday night. >> . i feel concerned about my female friends. >> . it could happen to anyone. >> university officials are urging staoupblts and the community to look out for each other. go with your gut. if you're uncomfortable or notice anything suspicious. >> be aware. observe your situation.
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>> . she picked up a seemingly intoxicated superintendent november 27. after refusing to put on his seat belt. he started to attack her. that's when the guy passed out. >> >> the mother of. appeared in court today. they were caught in mexico. last week. authorities say they fled the u.s. after video surfaced online.
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drinking alcohol. violation of his probation. >> . he was convicted of killing 4 people in a drunk driving crash. >> it's not clear when the teen will return to the u.s. >> she's he's really good. doing really well. >> the veterinary technician carried a bundle of joy into the exam room. this kitten named sphur of because he was dyed purple. had a tough time getting here. >> somebody dyed him. and only he can tell us what really happened. as far as the wounds. but. it is typical. there's puncture wounds.
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>> they have a no kill policy. >> it seems like he was almost used as a chew toy. >> .
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>> . any of the top 24 from tk er. or colorado. denver or colorado. that's the question. we'll find out. all the action kicks off tomorrow night at 7. right here. here. last summer. so. they could be from denver. >> who knows. >> the future of technology is on display this weekend in las vegas. at the consumer electronic show. >> i want to go. it all begins. >> i'm inside the las vegas take a look.
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less than 24 hours. until the consumer electronic show begins here in las vegas. everyone is working to get things set up. all the big company come here to show off the latest and greatest in technology. you go way back. >> we expect to see the newest tvs. drones. and who knows what else. that's the fun thing. sometimes you never know what you'll see. the surprises.
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that's why over a 150 thousand people are going to be coming to las vegas. for the show. to check it out. you. >> it's like the jet sons. we're living in that age.
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first. check out this video. of a teacher giving his students a run for their money. when it comes to busting a move. >> >> also their school founder. the video has been viewed millions of times. ron clark in atlanta. he says even his mom has seen the video. >> . from sigh fie to reality. a university in singapore un-vailing a new human robot.
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>> no word on how much it will cost you. if you want to own one. >> . last trending topic. a dead serious issue. a new design basically putting
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creepy. cool. you decide. >> . i actually like the tree idea. that's cool. the robot is creepy. >> . yeah. like halloween here. >> . they had flooding problems. it's that surpbg of moisture. that's going to continue to
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and bring us more snow. not only for the mountains. but right in denver. i showed you the temperature map yesterday. as ewe look around. there's no warm weather. we did better. 45 in denver. today. but the colder 30s are just hanging off to the west. and they're ready to pounce back in. 26 in 32. humidity low in the wind is light. less that be ten miles per hour. 30 keensburg. 16 greeley. 30 fort collins. 33 estes park. and freezing in boulder. across the rest of the state. showing teens and to 20s in the mountains. so. here's what's going to happen. that next surge of moisture. really will do the southwest mountains a good shot of snow. and then it will spread into the central mountains. we may get a little bit coming in to southeast colorado. late tomorrow night. it won't be until thursday. before that snow arrives down here. in denver. >> .
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the mountains to the western slope. 4 corners area. >> here's what we have in the morning. a few clouds around. 22. about 40. a nice average temperature at lunch. clouds will be increasing. through the day. tkeudz grab the jacket. once again. temperatures only in the mid to upper 20s.
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which oeft 3 o right now. the 6 seed steelers. two point favorite over cincinnati. if they win they'll come to denver to play. otherwise it will be the winner of the houston kansas city game. >> . all the games sets set for this coming saturday. >> enjoying much needed r ask and r. after a physical regular season final game. >> . the team is off right now. not set to report back to work until thursday.
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you put in so much work. >> more reaction on twitter today. >> . we have some news. the report that connected ten athletes including peyton manning to @ accusations of hgh. ryan howard has filed a lawsuit. against the news organization. for deaf defamation. >> manning said previously he probably would file suit. last check he has not. >> . elsewhere. former broncos head coach. could be back in the game before too long. indicating he has an interview for the 49ers job. set up for tomorrow. also reports that he's met with the dolphins concerning their head coach job. >> as for one of the out bound coaches. how about this scene from new york. >> . on his way out. stepping down from the podium. that's the owner there to greet limb. but he's having none of it.
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absolute power move there. >> . college level. not surprising. more awards today for former star running back. already heisman finalist. winner of the ap player of the year. today he was named to the all bowl team. for his performance in the rose bowl. no brainer considering he broke a rose bowl record. 368 all purpose yards. >> avs are winning as well.
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>> .
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monday, january 4 a gorgeous day in the city a a look at all with the magic happen yesterday. on the big stories. every throat you hear a lot to get to the big store in the morning of a germ player who took quite a bit of time off is
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and ready to leave denver. were not talking about peyton manning. we talked about the veteran players she's back after maternity. welcome back my good deer did to see you. you look like a million dollars. childhood agrees with you. he kind of smell like enfamil. security but she is not the
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i have to say him and love what that little girl not to diminish or other adorable daughter. can i just tell you i actually enjoyed it. this is what people love their case. i'm in the moment i like it. and then she vomited. i feel real story for your first daughter apparently detected excited to real as you like them. i missed you so much. we are talking about peyton manning we saw the earlier in the show. the question now is folks can you bring paid him back in here really quick.
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we want pain manning are brock ozma weather with a couple online 80 percent voted for peyton manning do you agree? i want to remind everyone. pain chilly but pinch of bernard we hope it in. to go in a blaze of glory one last chance. brock's makes the broader better screensaver. and he's lake 67. good luck keeping we are rooting for you. though is the number two in our hearts. i think they're both great guys and i love having to awesome
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brock has a cute but. let's talk about other things that people wear. like enough to wear a bikini just what. -year-old senior models we're in them and things like women's health magazine. looking to ban it from my cover and she saying is because there goes to pump of the women never make them feel bad the pledges those words are gone. well you want to look at women with impossibly perfect bodies and bikinis all i would do would
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